• Petros bw pic small

    Seminar: Breath – The Object of Desire

    On 13th of April 2019 Lacanian Psychoanalyst Petros Patounas will present a seminar with the title “Breath – The Object of Desire”. This seminar belongs to the series of seminars presented by Petros Patounas with a general title  “The Breath: the object of the Respiratory Drive”. The presentation will touch upon vital

  • Dimitra seminar 4

    Seminar: Ψυχαναλυτικές Δομές – Ιδεοψυχαναγκαστική Νεύρωση

    On the 2nd of March 2019 a Psychiatrist and Lacanian Psychoanalyst Mrs. Dimitra Gorgoli, who is currently living and practicing in Athens, Greece, will present a Seminar with the title “Clinical Structures: Obsessional Neurosis”. This is the second seminar from the series titled “Clinical Structures” that will be taking place in 2018/2019. Address: 18 Polygnostou

  • Angelos Seminar 3

    Seminar: Introduction to Oedipus Complex: From Freud to Lacan

    On 9th of February 2019 a Lacanian Psychoanalyst Angelos Tsialides will hold a seminar with the title “Introduction to Oedipus Complex: From Freud to Lacan”. This seminar will be the first in a series of seminars addressing the subject of Oedipus. Address: 18 Polygnostou Street, Santhemis Court 2, 1st Floor, 103, Limassol