The Bureau of the Society for the current year:


Charoula Pilavaki

My name is Charoula Pilavaki. I am a French language teacher, a Structural life coach and an analyst in formation. As a linguist, I have been always interested in words, their origin, their meaning but also their sound and how they vibrate on a human body. Sometimes words hit our body hard like blows in a literal battle. Why? Psychoanalysis has taught me that the subject’s body is constructed out of signifiers, out of words. Therefore, we are the ones responsible to explore this hidden universe of the unconscious and, if we dare, to embrace our traumas and make out of them a new creation, a new constrAction.


Marina Pafitou


Katerina Tsialidou

My name is Katerina Tsialidou, and I am an educator, psychoanalyst in formation, and the current Treasurer of the Cyprus’ Society of the SFL. I love anything related to the exploration of life, personal development according to one’s unique desire, learning and expanding, experiencing life. Life without psychoanalysis, I believe, is a ship without sails. Movement is what characterizes me, movements towards transformation, movement towards transmitting desire, movement towards the ACT of becoming alive.


Pantelitsa Mavroyianni

My name is Pantelitsa Mavrogianni. I studied kindergarden teacher and actress at Thessaloniki. I am in analysis many years and my experience has led me to have faith in psychoanalytic process because I live  the changes in my daily life. The school of the Freudian Letter is a vibrant  society, full of people with Desire and passion for creation. The best conditions to be present. The more I grow myself, the more I understand the world and the more I know the world, the more I understand myself.


Mirjana Patouna

My name is Mirjana Patouna and I am practicing Lacanian psychoanalyst operating in Cyprus and Serbia, offering sessions in Greek, English and Serbian languages. I am an active member of the Cyprus Society of the School of the Freudian Letter, contributing over the years as a Cartel coordinator and interlocutor in the society’s committee. My interests concentrate on challenging themes, such as the concepts of Hysteria, the Feminine in Freud and Lacan, and understanding women’s multidimensional positions in life. My aim is to offer to my analysands what was offered to me as a analysand, and that is understanding the dynamics that shaped us, but also the possibilities for shaping life according to our desire.