How do we supervise Lacanianly?

Event details

  • Friday | October 21, 2022
  • 7:15 pm

On Friday 21st of October, Petros Patounas will present the seminar “How do we supervise Lacanianly?” During the presentation the speaker will touch upon key issues in Freudian and Lacanian supervision, such the psychoanalyst’s own fantasy of a body, the analysand as phallus, what material might be important to present to supervision, and the construction of a case presentation.

Date:  21 October, 2022

Time: 7:15 pm EET (Cyprus’ time)

Host: School of the Freudian Letter

Participation Fees: £20 (50% discount to Members of the Cyprus Society of the SFL and to students under 25 years old)

Language: English

Limited places available.

For further info & reservations contact: Marina Pafitou