Desiring and Detaching from work

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  • Wednesday | October 6, 2021
  • 8:00 pm

The Cyprus Society of the SFL (School of the Freudian Letter) hosts a series of seminars where subjects from Cyprus will speak about “what they love doing for living.” They have been chosen on the merits of having the abilities to facilitate the appetite for creation to others, to transmit the energy to live, and to turn what they love into a way of living in the cultures where they operate as professionals.

This “way of life” cannot be without a desire and its Act. The purpose of these invitations to speak about “who they are through what they do” aims in assisting the audience, mainly analysts in formation, to comprehend further the question: “What is desire and how one identifies with it?” Each of the speakers was chosen for a particular reason, a unique attribute towards the “being alive,” which they have obtained through their experience as breathing individuals- something that makes them singular yet within the whole.

Nataly is an exceptional scholar in a manner that all academics should be: her beliefs and knowledge are a way of living. This is what makes her a passionate individual who wants to use her knowledge to Act in the world. Her dedication to human rights, precisely the freedom of speech, drives her through a creative and unique experience in the world. Below you can read her own statement for her presentation, and see how harmoniously she fuses her being with concepts to perform an interpretation of life itself.

“I am an academic and I work in the field of human rights, particularly freedom of expression. I work mostly with policy making and the online space. In this presentation I will discuss how I developed and built my desire for my work and how this work formed a very big part of my identity and existence, sometimes at the cost of other things. This trip was not and is not so easy and it started from an unlikely place. I feel fortunate to have had these experiences, although the road has been bumpy, and, as with everything else, I foresee bumps on the way. I will also talk about the ‘down days’ and particularly those which I feel my work has less impact than I would like it to have and explain how I bounce back from these days. Lastly, I will de-construct the need I have to feel it impactful, which is what stands in the way from detaching from my work ”


Date: 6 October, 2021

Time: 8:00 pm EET (Cyprus’ time)
Host: School of the Freudian Letter
Fees: Free
Language: English

Limited places available.
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Marina Pafitou