Cartel year 2021-2022

Event details

  • Wednesday | December 1, 2021 to Wednesday | June 1, 2022
  • All Day

Cartel theme is: Reading Freud’s desire with Lacan.

A summary:

Moustapha Safouan was a student of Jacques Lacan, whose teaching led him to resolve the contradictions he encountered in his reading of Freud. In his book Four Lessons of Psychoanalysis, by explaining the resolution of those contradictions he outlines his own formation as analyst: It is all about reading the desire of the subject who speaks, thing that Safouan emphasises in the examples from the practice of psychoanalysis while elaborating on Lacanianterminology. One encounters the same kind of contradictions of logic within the discourse of the analysand, yet this contradicting logic only refers to the truth of a desire that can only be denied but it is impossible to be contradicted.

Aggelos Tsialides

Lacanian Psychoanalyst

President of the SFL