The Black and White series

On Thursday 25th of May, the Cyprus Society of the School of the Freudian Letter is hosting Charoula Pilavaki and Petros Patounas, in the second interview of “The Black & White series”.

The topic of this second interview is: Divine Drive and the Monad


Charoula Pilavaki, analyst in formation, has initiated a series of interviews with Petros Patounas, psychoanalyst of the SFL, entitled ‘The Black & White series’. Below is a brief summary by C. Pilavaki as to how the series came about and what is their scope.

In the process of translating ‘The Dark Quotes’, a collection of aphorisms written by P. Patounas reflecting his teaching, into French for my third book, I was faced with a challenge by encountering some quotes that were difficult to comprehend. In search for clarification and further interpretation I thought why not ask the source of inspiration, Patounas himself.  This is how the idea of the Black & White series emerged. ‘Black’ refers to “The Dark Quotes” as such and ‘White’ for the lightness and clarity their interpretation and understanding will bring. The title also makes reference to my upcoming book “Noir et Blanc”.

Date:  25th May, 2023

Time: 7:30 pm EET (Cyprus’ time)

Host: School of the Freudian Letter

Participation Fees: £10
(members only)

Language: English

Limited places available.
For further info & reservations contact:
Marina Pafitou