The Clinic of the Act by Petros Patounas

Petros Patounas infuses his words with the experience of his practice and makes another contribution to psychoanalysis. He transforms this interview into an orientation that urges psychoanalysts to surpass a threshold and lead themselves into another sort of practice that is not limited to the couch, but that it constitutes their mode of living. From the clinic of psychoanalysis that makes descriptions of the world with the Borromean knot, to the Ascesis of the Act that constructs the universe. From the subject supposed to know to the gnosis of faith, and from the desire for absolute difference to the desire for absolute union with the Act, where desire and the Act are One. From the rhetoric to the literal, Patounas’ orientation is towards the Act as a means that provides one’s desire with a body. And if desire is directed towards truth, then the Act makes the only truth.

Author: Petros Patounas

Publication Date: Jan 16, 2022

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