On the Ascesis of Psychoanalysts

This book is a gospel on the subject of the ethics of the well-spoken, that is the speaking being of the Αct. An ori-entation for the analyst to a kinesis of flowing with the flux of the letter, where the subject’s mark within the signifier instead of being counted in repetition of the same, it maps the difference, a topology of life emanated by the vector of desire. “On the Ascesis of Psychoanalysts” is an ascesis of swimming in language, where the swimming subject finds their own way of breathing, as if breath is something that needs to be taught, and though it is not, the breath of desire is repressed, and then through breathing language becomes lunguage. Petros’ unique writing leads the reader to an also unique reading experience. His text not only praises the desiring subject of the Αct, the ΈργΟν, but with its vanishing grammar it becomes an inscription of it, it be-comes an ethical compass to the desire of the analyst.

Angelos Tsialides – Lacanian Psychoanalyst

Author: Petros Patounas

Publication Date: Dec 27, 2015

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