Breath: the Object of the Respiratory Drive

The Breath sustains the Act in a new body, the No-Body which you are able to construct if you are willing to die and reborn away from the Other, into a new resurrected body that does not speak. It is Being Silent. Thus, Psychoanalysis is a breathing exercise going beyond the structures, a constant Kinesis, never repeating and resulting to the truth and the Act being one. This book is written for the Psychoanalyst, about psychoanalysis, involving the analysand with respect to the ethics of Lacanian Psychoanalysis and the ethics of life. Petros Patounas is daring enough to touch upon words like Faith, Desire, Alien, Act, Breath, Ουσία, Apraxia, only in a different context, a new context which transmits a true love for psychoanalysis and life itself.

Author: Petros Patounas

Publication Date: Jan 10, 2021

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