Seminar: The Verb and the Monad

On 26th of October 2019 Lacanian Psychoanalyst Petros Patounas will present a seminar with the title “The Verb and the Monad”.

The presentation will touch upon the following topics:

1. The Narcissism of the psychoanalyst towards nihilism.
2. Ordinary guys vs guys who act: desire as unachievable and the identification with the Act
3. The atheistic position
4. Alive in the tomb of a lost desire, which is Λανθάνουσα.
5. Stabilization by knowing: the other side of a discourse
6. The wrong place for psychoanalysis: the other side of a semblance. 
7. The Bad joke of the crossing of fantasy- going where:
– the tomb and the No-Body
– How is fantasy crossed
Address: 18 Polygnostou Street, Santhemis Court 2, 1st Floor, 103, Limassol 3082

Date: 26 October, 2019

Time: 11:30 – 13:30

Language: English

Entrance fee: €20
(50% discount to Members of the Cyprus Society of the SFL and to students under 25 years old)

Limited places available.
For reservations contact: Mira Patouna 99909496