Seminar: Το Αντικείμενο Φωνή – The Object Voice

On the 16th of September 2017 a Psychiatrist and Lacanian Psychoanalyst Mrs. Dimitra Gorgoli, who is currently living and practicing in Athens, Greece, will hold a Seminar with the title “The Object Voice”. The seminar is part of the series ” Lacanian Objects”.

“After the gaze, we continue to the second in turn Lacanian object, which is no other than the Voice. It is an object that analysts are particularly concerned with. We will show its essence by going through Lacan’s work, making alongside references to Freud’s work. Elaborating into the particular nature of the Voice, we will approach the phenomenon of the auditory illusions in psychosis, where as we will see, the object has not been detached from the subject. We’ll see in which way the object Voice emerges to the Real, comparing alongside examples about the emergence of the Voice in the anxiety of neuroses. Finally, we will continue with two references; one from the arts and another one from the clinic of psychoses in order for the above to become more clear.” Mrs. Dimitra Gorgoli

Address: 18 Polygnostou Street, Santhemis Court 2, 1st Floor, 103, Limassol 3082

Time: 17:00 – 19:00

Entrance fee:  €20, concessions (students) €10

Language: Greek

Limited places available. Prepayment of fees is essential.
For reservations contact Mirjana Patounas, 99 909496