Investigating Psychopathology: Reading Freud with Lacan


We look forward to an interesting and formative year of work and invite you to join us in paying attention to staple texts in Freud in this series of workshops. We aim to accompany Freud in the formative steps, through those traces rendered by the text, in his approaches to the investigation of psychopathology that came to be termed ‘psychoanalysis’.

With Lacan as our principle companion we labour to realise psychoanalysis, without whose assistance we are gripped by a real that not only remains opaque but often
presents to us as a persecutory.

The meetings of this study group will begin in October 2014.

The meetings will durate for a year, taking place once a month.

Facilitator of the study group: Angelos Tsialides


Study Schedule:

Reading Freud with Lacan:

– The Uncanny (1919h)[1] with ‘From the Cosmos to the Unheimlich’[2]

– Mourning and Melancholia[3] (1915) with ‘Television: A Challenge to the Psychoanalytic Establishment’[4]

– ‘On Narcissism, An Introduction’[5] (1914c) with ‘The Mirror Stage as Formative of the I Function as Revealed in Psychoanalytic  Experience’ [6]

– ‘On The Psychical Mechanism of Hysterical Phenomena’[7] (1893) with ‘Remarks on Hysteria’[8]

– ‘Notes Upon A Case of Obsessional Neurosis’ (1909d) with ‘The Neurotic’s Individual Myth’[9]

– ‘Neurosis and Psychosis’(1924), ‘Loss of Reality in Neurosis and Psychosis’ (1924c) with ‘On a Question Prior to Any Possible Treatment of Psychosis [10]




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