The School of the Freudian Letter (SFL) is a school of psychoanalytic formation; with the principle of formation taken as a work in progress. With Freud and Lacan as companions in this work, the SFL welcomes those “who are interested in their action, to that which consists in this essential change of ethical and subjective motivation introduced into our world by analysis.” [i]

The School of the Freudian Letter, then, invites participation of Analysands whose desire is taken up in making psychoanalysis exist in their world today.

An Analysand is here deemed to be a desiring subject; one who opts for psychoanalysis as a way of responding to the unbearable real of their symptom. What is axiomatic for the School of the Freudian Letter is the ethics of psychoanalysis as a compass for navigating this real of our experience and, thereby, orienting each in their actions. It is on the basis of such an axiom that a social bond can be wrought from this real and therefrom incessantly renewed; transforming the unbearable of the symptom through the vicissitudes of work realised as a writing of what Lacan came to term ‘Sinthome’. This is the wager of the SFL; that this social bond, this ‘Sinthome’, that each enacts through their collaborative work in the name of the School of the Freudian Letter shall be its witness, its remainder, its writing, its fact.

This invitation to constitute the School of the Freudian Letter is a response to problems in our world; problems as they confront each of us in the multiple horizons of our experience and at our very knotting as speaking beings: Symbolic, Imaginary and Real.


[i] Lacan, J Problèmes cruciaux pour la psychoanalyse ou Les positions sujectives de l’etre. 1964-1965 Lecon janvier 27 1965 “Je veux ici des gens qui soient intéressés dans leur action, à ce que comporte ce changement essentiel de la motivation éthique et subjective qu'introduit dans notre monde, l'analyse.”